Epic JOY: Rest and Rise

Experience Profound Connections and Personal Growth.


You are invited to attend JOYELY's exclusive retreat in Las Vegas!

The purpose of the JOYELY EPIC JOY: R & R retreat is to focus on two essential elements: Rest and Rise. Rest to rejuvenate, recharge, and reconnect with oneself, and Rise to new heights of personal and professional joy. This retreat is designed to deepen ambassadors' understanding and practice of joy as a pivotal life skill.

At the JOYELY Retreat you can expect a safe environment plus time to explore;

-Self-Care: Learn techniques to prioritize your well-being.

-Love: Explore the depths of self-love and loving relationships.

-Relationships: Enhance your communication skills and build stronger connections.

-Loneliness: Discover ways to overcome loneliness and find companionship.

-Balance: Find harmony between work, life, and personal growth.

-Bigger Purpose: Reflect on your life's mission and greater purpose.

-Legacy: Consider the legacy you want to leave behind.

-Transparency & Authenticity: Embrace open, honest, and genuine interactions.

Schedule & travel info

Wed: October 23, 2024: Certified Ambassadors Arrive/Reception

3:00 PM - 9:00 PM PST

Thurs/Fri: October 24 & 25 2024: Epic Joy: Rest and Rise Workshops

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM PST (each day)

Extended evening hours include: Certified Ambassador Celebration & A Fashion Show.

Sat: October 26, 2024: VIP Energy/Spa until Noon (Optional).

Whats Included?
-Tuscany Recreation Center offers 2 comfortable meeting rooms
-Complimentary parking
-Breakfast and Lunch on Thursday and Friday
-Thursday evening: Golden Apron Dinner/Demo at Sheryls home
-Friday evening: Dinner on your own at Sunset Station Casino and dancing (no extra charge.)
-Semi Intimate: Limited to 50 people

(For a optimal Las Vegas Experience and more EPIC JOY, we suggest you book your rooms at the Sunset Station or at a nearby AirBnB!)

  • Certified Ambassadors arrive Wednesday, 10/23, to attend the Certified Ambassador welcome reception.

  • Ambassadors and friends of JOYELY arrive by the evening of Wednesday, 10/23, to be ready for the first workshop at 9 am on 10/24.

  • Departures can be scheduled for the late evening on 10/25 or later.

  • For VIPs, departures are scheduled on 10/26 after 12 pm PST.

Retreat Sessions

  • Enrich: To foster personal growth and joy through rest and reflection.

  • Energize: To recharge the mind and body, rejuvenate the spirit through breath and sensory awareness and deeper on the four steps of the Chair of Joy.

  • Engage: To actively pursue personal and professional goals with clarity and joy.

  • Elevate: To empower participants to rise and inspire others through the integration of joy.

  • Expect safe environment to explore where joy fits it when it comes to:

    • Self-care, Self-love

    • Relationships

    • Communication

    • Loneliness

    • Balance

    • Bigger purpose

    • Legacy

    • Transparency

    • Being fully authentic

Travel Dates: Arrive Oct. 23 | Depart October 26

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

When is the last time you explored EPIC JOY ?

  • Rest: Rejuvenate, recharge, and reconnect with oneself.

  • Rise: Achieve new heights of personal and professional joy.

Our aim is to nurture a community of leaders who embody and advocate the JOYELY lifestyle—full of adventure, resilience, well-being, and fun.

Participants will gain transformative insights and practical tools to cultivate their personal joy and effectively inspire others.

We will be enriched, energized, fully engaged, and elevated to new heights.

By celebrating our paths to living JOYELY, we'll prepare ambassadors to extend this vision, impacting communities globally and fostering a legacy of joy.

Attendees will leave saying "WOW," having experienced profound connections, rejuvenation, and the thrill of personal growth

JOYELY Retreat: VIP Opportunity
2-4 Hour Experience

October 26, 2024 - 9 AM to 12 PM

VIP Experience: The VIP experience at the JOYELY retreat offers a unique blend of relaxation, rejuvenation, and indulgence. This exclusive package is designed to provide participants with the ultimate in holistic healing and personal pampering. More details will be shared soon.

$150 Additional

-Live JOYELY Merchandise

-JOYELY Journal

-1:1 Diamond coaching session

-A 90 min VIP experience aimed at elevating your impact

Retreat Topics:

  • Rest and Reflection: Connection with Others

  • Breath and Sensory Awareness: Revitalizing Your Spirit

  • Visualization Techniques: Advancing Your Goals

  • Leadership through Joy: Strategies for Inspiring Teams

  • Healing through Reflection: Address Traumatic Experiences

  • Clarity and Goal Setting: Identifying Personal/Professional Success

  • Setting Goals: Easy Path to Joy

  • Rest and Rise: Connect with Yourself

  • A Toolkit for Balance: Energy Healing

  • Rising and Inspiring: Empowering Others

  • Overcoming Challenges: Building Resilience

  • Advanced Techniques: Deepening Sensory Awareness and Breathwork

  • Holistic Rejuvenation: Daily Wellness Routines for Freedom

  • Visualization Play: Don't forget to play! & Interactive: You Lead the Room

Previous Retreats

Testimonials from Certified Ambassadors

Kristina Coll - Breathwork Expert

Lynn Whitbeck - Sales Expert

Testimonial #3

Retreat Schedule

Workshop Day 1: 9 AM - 4 PM

Color Theme

Session 1: Enrich (Library)

Session 2: Energize (E Room)


Casual dress, preferably in your company/personal brand style

Purpose: Foster personal growth and joy through rest and reflection.

Purpose: Recharge and rejuvenate the mind and body through breath and sensory awareness.

Lunch Break: 12 PM - 1:30 PM - Optional Organized Activity

Session 3: Engage (Library)

Session 4: Elevate (E Room)

Purpose: Pursue personal and professional goals with clarity and joy.

Purpose: Empower participants to rise and inspire others through the integration of joy.

Closing Activity: Certification Celebration of JOYELY Ambassadors

Workshop Day 2: 9 AM - 4 PM

Color Theme

Session 5: Enrich Deeper (Library)

Session 6: Energize Deeper (E Room)


Yellow and White, be creative and playful with your style!

Purpose: Foster resilience and joy by addressing deeper personal challenges.

Purpose: Rejuvenate through advanced sensory awareness and breathwork.

Lunch Break: 12 PM - 1:30 PM -Optional Organized Activity

Session 7: Engage Deeper (Library)

Session 8: Elevate Deeper (E Room)

Closing Activity: Fashion Show (E Room)

Purpose: Set deeper goals and overcome obstacles to joy

Purpose: Deeply empower participants to inspire others through joy.

Purpose: Celebrate individuality and community spirit with fun and creativity and photos!

Accommodations and Transportation Options

Airport: Harry Reid International Airport, Las Vegas, NV
Transportation: Lift/Uber/Taxi

Airfare and Accommodations Not Included in Pricing

Hilton Lake Las Vegas

$288/night includes resort fee (parking/wifi)

1610 Lake Las Vegas Pkwy, Henderson, NV 89011 (3.9 miles)

Phone +1 702-567-4700

The Westin Lake Las Vegas

$270/night includes resort fee (wifi, bike rentals, driving range, welcome cocktails)

101 Montelago Blvd, Henderson, NV 89011 (4.8 miles)

Phone +1 702-567-6000

Sunset Station Hotel and Casino


1301 W Sunset Rd, Henderson, NV 89014 (5 miles)

Phone (702) 547-7777

Best Western Plus Henderson

$140/night. Includes parking, wifi, breakfast. No resort fee.

1553 N Boulder Hwy, Henderson, NV 89011 (3.8 miles)

Phone +1-877-672-9078

AirBnB - on your own

The JOYELY mission is to elevate global well-being by inspiring everyone to identify, access, and integrate joy as a pivotal life skill.

We cannot wait to see you at the retreat. It truly is a life-changing event. Our entire team looks forward to celebrating all our collective energy and hard work, as well as the amazing contributions you bring to JOYELY and the wisdom you will share.


Sheryl Lynn, Founder of JOYELY

Questions? Feel free to contact us.
Business Operations: Reginald Mateo: [email protected]

October 23, 2024 - October 26, 2024 (Workshop days, Oct 24-25)

Arrive Oct. 23 by 3pm | Depart Oct. 26 after 12pm if you stay for VIP.

Retreat Location: Tuscany Residential Village

850 Olivia Parkway

Henderson, NV 89011

From the planning team:

It is our privilege to serve on the Retreat committee. Ensuring you have the most amazing experience is what matters most to us. See you there.

Here's to YOUR Epic JOY, Kristina Coll & Leslie Moody

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